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Integrated Forming Machine For Three Dimensional Foodstuffs

Overview Of Integrated Forming Machine : Integrated forming machine is made up of bugle forming machine and three-dimensional snacks pellet forming machine. Bugle forming machine is designed to produce bugle [...]

The Multi-Functional Forming Machine For Puff Foodstuffs

Overview Of Multi-Functional Forming Machine : The multiple-functional forming machine is especially positioned in central filled foodstuffs production line to produce sticks shapes. By mean of adjusting the forming roller, [...]

Filling Machine Designed For Making Central Filling Foodstuffs

Overview Of Filling Machine: This filling machine is designed to stuff puff food with candy, cheese, and cream. It is commonly used in central stuffing pillow, pipes and so on. [...]

The Knurling Machine Designed For Making Snack Pellet

Overview of Knurling Machine: Knurling machine can also be called as pattern machine. It is designed to create the pattern on the puff foodstuffs. Characteristics of Knurling Machine: Total stainless [...]

Five Layer Air Cooling Machine — Compact & High Efficiency

Overview of Five Layer Air Cooling Machine: The five layer air cooling machine consists of cpanel, steel mesh conveyor, fans and so on, to set up an integrated machine. It [...]

The Commercial Kurkure Making Machine — High Productivity

Overview of  Kurkure Making Machine: The kurkure making machine is a special unit to make kurkure. It is a required device in the kurkure making production line. Characteristics of  Kurkure [...]

The Commercial Corn Flaking Machine — Ensure The Same Thickness

Overview of Commercial Corn Flaking Machine: The corn flaking machine can also be called corn flakes pelletizer. It is designed to process corn pellets into corn flakes. The corn flaking [...]

The Commercial Automatic Flavor Machine — Process Smoothly With No Damage

Overview of Commercial Automatic Flavor Machine: The flavor machine is designed to add tastes or oil onto the puffing foodstuffs. The machine is positioned before the packaging unit. The flavor machine [...]

Full Automatic Powder Blending Machine — Sufficiently & Consistently

Overview of Full Automatic Powder Blending Machine: This powder blending machine is applied in blending grain powder ingredients. It can be used in the first stage of the whole food [...]

Full Automatic Stainless Steel Deep Fryer — High Efficient

Overview of Full Automatic Stainless Steel Deep Fryer: The automated stainless steel deep fryer is applied in frying process of pellet snack ,corn flakes, small seafood, various meats, chicken,potato chips, [...]

Commercial Stainless Steel Deep Fryer — Constant Working Series

Overview of Commercial Stainless Steel Deep Fryer: The Commercial Stainless Steel Deep Fryer is applied in frying process of snack pellet foodstuffs, seafood, meat, chicken, meatloaf, meatballs,potato chips, puff rice [...]

HW60-I High Temperature Drying Machine

Overview of HW60-I High Temperature Drying Machine: The HW60-I  high temperature drying machine is especially applied to the drying process of maize flakes, 2D &3D snake pellet and so on. [...]

HW50-I Single-Pass Tunnel Oven

Overview of HW50-I Single-Pass Tunnel Oven: The drying process in the tunnel oven is an essential step in extrusion food production. It is designed to dried out the extrusion foodstuff [...]

SV65-I Twin Screw Extruder Machine

Overview of SV65-I Twin Screw Extruder Machine: The conventional twin screw extruder machine can process maize powder, rice flour, grain powder etc into the finish foodstuffs, it can be used [...]