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/Auxiliary Machinery

Automatic Small Food Packaging Machine — Only Need One Worker

Overview Of Automatic Small Food Packaging Machine : The small food packaging machine is designed for packaging no-viscous, crispy and pellet-shape foodstuffs, including puff foodstuffs, deep-fried foodstuffs, shrimp chips, potato [...]

Full Automatic Food Packaging Machine — Designed For Commercial Purpose

Overview Of Full Automatic Food Packaging Machine: Full automatic food packaging machine is designed for packaging small pellet snacks that have high requirement on weighing accuracy. This kind of full [...]

The Sugar Melter For Making Syrup

Overview Of Sugar Melter: The sugar melter consists of melting container, control system, and the main body. It is designed to liquefy the sugar to syrup. The sugar melter is [...]

Twin Container Deoiler & One Container Deoiler — Cost Saving

Overview Of Container Deoiler: There are twin container and one container deoiler. They consists of feed transmission, container deoiling unit, output transmission and precise control system. The control system is [...]

Cooling&Grading Machine — For Making Bread Crumbs

Overview Of Cooling&Grading Machine: The cooling&grading machine is designed to cool and grade the foodstuffs simultaneously. It is furnished with fans on both sides. The cooling&grading machine is a portion [...]

Cooling Transmission Machine — Customized As Clients’ Need

Overview Of Cooling Transmission Machine: Cooling transmission machine: this machine features four blowers and it is designed to cool the foodstuffs after drying process. Specifications Of Cooling Transmission Machine: Electrical [...]

Cooling Transmission Machine — Customized As Clients

Overview Of Double Drum Sugar Coating Machine: This machine consists of transmission,syrup container, and a couple of roller. It is designed to spray syrup on the exterior of the foodstuffs, [...]

Sugar Coating Machine — High Efficiency

Overview Of Sugar Coating Machine: This sugar coating machine is designed to coat sugar on the exterior of snack foodstuffs.Sugar coating machine consists of transmission, sugar syrup container and single [...]