Project Description

Overview of Salad Bugles Snack Food Extruder Machine:
The salad bugles snack food extruder machine is designed to make 2D,3D deep-fried foodstuffs. It is definitely an innovation in the conventional grain foodstuff field.

Characteristics of Salad Bugles Snack Food Extruder Machine:
1.The amazing flavor of handwork foodstuff can be well maintained, at the same time, there are various choices on the sizes and shapes.
2.The twin screw food extruder machine,the key unit, can easily accomplish the task of efficiently ingredients mixing and completely extrusion cooking..
3.In the event that the food extruder production line is fixed with pumping unit, frying unit, the line even can make rice crispy, salad bugles etc.
4.In the event that the line is fixed with forming unit and frying unit, it will make deep-fried bugles, pillow shape snack, goldfish etc.

Structure of Salad Bugles Snack Food extruder machine:

  • Ingredients blending machine
  • Food extruder machine
  • Patter Presser
  • Forming unit
  • Deep-frying unit
  • Flavoring line

Specifications of Textured Soy Protein Making Machine:

Model SV65-III
Installed Powder(kw) 45
Power consumption(kw) 32
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 150-200
Dimensions(mm) 18800*4500*2400
Product Salad Bugles or Rice Crispy