Project Description

Overview of Knurling Machine:

Knurling machine can also be called as pattern machine. It is designed to create the pattern on the puff foodstuffs.

Characteristics of Knurling Machine:

  • Total stainless steel as main body. Premium electrical parts.
  • Smaller dimension and easily transportable.
  • Compact framework, steady work, power saving, to guarantee that foodstuffs and machine not mucosa, constant, fast manufacturing.
  • The rate of knurling machine can easily be changed by motor.

Construction of Knurling Machine:

The knurling machine consists of knurling roller and main body. Simple framework to ensure easy operation.

Application of Knurling Machine:

This knurling machine is usually designed together with the food extruder and three-dimensional shaping device to produce various 3D snacks pellet.

Specifications of Knurling Machine:

Electrical Power 3 kw
Output Capacity Customized
Sizes 1400* 800*1400 mm