Project Description

Overview of Five Layer Air Cooling Machine:

The five layer air cooling machine consists of cpanel, steel mesh conveyor, fans and so on, to set up an integrated machine. It is sepcially designed for textured soya protein production line. The air cooling machine can be furnished inclusively with other devices as completely functional unit. Other devices including powder mixing machine, food extruder machine, cooling vibrator,high temperature drying machine, and so on.

Characteristics of Five Layer Air Cooling Machine :

  • Complete Stainless steel as main body.
  • High cooling efficiency and output due to the multi-layer design.
  • Commonly applied in puff foodstuffs field.

Specifications of Five Layer Air Cooling Machine:

Electrical Power 15.4 kw
Cooling Output 300-400 kg/h
Heating Temperature 20 ~ 60 ℃
Sizes 7200 * 2100 * 2590 mm