Project Description

Overview of SV65-I Twin Screw Extruder Machine:
The conventional twin screw extruder machine can process maize powder, rice flour, grain powder etc into the finish foodstuffs, it can be used to make snack pellets, maize flakes, breakfast cereals, pet foodstuff, fish feed ,TSP,core-filling snack foodstuffs.At the same time, this kind of machine is able to create different shapes foodstuffs by adjusting the customized die.

Characteristics of SV65-I Twin Screw Extruder Machine:
1.Precise control system, automatic feeding unit, food extrusion cooking process, accurate slicing unit, heating manage system, the main drive system.
2.Plus food extruder, feeding, constant torque drive system frequency control, effective, easy operation, economical;
3.The key part,extruder screw with the best alloy , durability;
4.Segmented screw module enable that food extruder machine can process numerous ingredients into various foodstuffs;
5.Excellent lubrication system extends the life span of the machine, lessening the mechanical friction;
6.Feeding system with one or two screw transport, feeding consistently and reliably;
7.Peeling tool with the linear bearing structure, modify the tool precisely and rapidly.

Structure of SV65-I Twin Screw Extruder Machine:

  1. Feeding Unit
  2. Extrusion Cooking Unit
  3. Extrusion Die
  4. Cutting Unit
  5. Lubrication System
  6. Center Control System

Specifications of commercial caramel popcorn machine:

Model  SV77-III
Installed Powder(kw) 42.9
Power consumption(kw) 30
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 100-180
Dimensions(mm) 3070*960*2050
Product Breakfast Cereal & Corn Flakes & Snack Pellets