Project Description

Overview of potato chips making machine:

The potato chips making machine is designed to produce different types of potato chips. It can be extensively used in foodstuffs plants, Snack food retail stores and bakery retail stores.

Characteristics of potato chips making machine:

1.Take maize powder, grain powder, rice flour as main ingredients.
2.Different styles like triangular shape,circular, hexagonal, and carton and so on.
3.After cooking, frying and flavoring, can produce different snack foods like tortilla chips.

Structure of potato chips making machine:

Powder mixing machine
Food extruder machine
Striking machine
Continues chips fryer machine
Seasoning machine

Specifications of potato chips making machine:

Model SV65-I
Installed Powder(kw) 57
Power consumption(kw) 40
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 180-200
Dimensions(mm) 18800*4500*2400
Product Potato chips or tortilla chips