Project Description

Overview of kurkure extruder machine:
The kurkure extruder machine is particularly developped to produce cheetos, kurkure, nik and so on. The kurkure ,cheetos, nik are usually baked or deep-fried to produce uneven crunchy foodstuff.

Characteristics of the kurkure extruder machine:
1.Ingredients:corn powder of 20 mesh
2.Unique food extruder machine for producing uneven styles
3.Well-known in Southeast Asia

Structure of the kurkure extruder machine:
Powder mixing machine
Screw elevator
Kurkure food extruder
Middle-size elevator
Cooling whizzer
Viberation deoil unit
Flavoring device
Specifications of kurkure extruder machine:

Model SV76-III
Installed Powder(kw) 47
Power consumption(kw) 35
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 100-150
Dimensions(mm) 22400*3500*3000
Product Baked kurkure cheetos nik