Project Description

Overview of HW50-I Single-Pass Tunnel Oven:
The drying process in the tunnel oven is an essential step in extrusion food production. It is designed to dried out the extrusion foodstuff after extrusion cooking process  to lessen the wetness content. There are several heating methods for the tunnel oven such as electrical energy, air with hot vapor, diesel/gas and biomass pellets.

Characteristics of HW50-I Single-Pass Tunnel Oven:
1.Bipatcch roller chain conveyor to ensure consistent and quiet working.
2.Premium heat insulation system and air circulation system to promise high power efficiency and low power loss.
3.Expanded style to satisfy various client needs.

Structure of HW50-I Single-Pass Tunnel Oven:

  1. Module Design Concept
  2. Roller Chain System
  3. Heat Insulation System
  4. Heat Generation System
  5. Hot Air Circulation System
  6. Center Control System

Specifications of HW50-I Single-Pass Tunnel Oven:

Model  HW50-I
Installed Powder(kw) 27
Power consumption(kw) 22
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 150-200
Dimensions(mm) 10000*1650*1750
Functionality Lessening the wetness content