Project Description

Overview Of Filling Machine:

This filling machine is designed to stuff puff food with candy, cheese, and cream. It is commonly used in central stuffing pillow, pipes and so on.

Characteristics Of Filling Machine:

1. The central filling machine can stuff various shapes like ball, ring, length, star, curls, flower shape, and Triangular shape, etc.
2. The rate of central filling machine can easily be changed by inverter.
3. Total stainless steel as main body, SS201 or SS304 optionally available depending on clients’ requirement.
4. There are wheels on the machine to guarantee it is transportable.

Structure Of Filling Machine:

The filling machine consists of the container, pump motor and the cpanel. The framework is simple and operation is easy.

Application Of Filling Machine:

The filling machine can perform with food extruder and forming device to produce core filling foodstuffs. It is a crucial unit of filling foodstuff production line to produce numerous tasty, crunchy and amazing foodstuffs.

Specifications Of Filling Machine:

Electrical Power 1.62 kw
Mixing Power 0.37 kw
Drive power 0.75 kw
Heating power 0.5 kw
Sizes 1050*760*1640 mm