Project Description


Overview of Textured Soy Protein Making Machine:
The machine normally use low-temperature soybean powder, peanut powder, grain flour, deoiled soya etc as ingredients. The textured soy protein making machine is designed to make textured soy protein and textured vegetable protein with high sturdiness and high toughness. The Styles of finish foodstuffs is usually cylinder, hunk, flakes, curved , rectangle , etc.

Characteristics of Textured Soy Protein Making Machine:
1.Assemble well-designed screw to enable parameter accurately controlled.
2.The textured soy protein is chewy, ideal to be juiced and can bear prolonged cooking.
3.Full processing line excellent design and maneuverable manage program to enable premium quality textured soy protein.

Structure of Textured Soy Protein Making Machine:

  • Powder Mixing machine
  • Screw Elevator
  • Food Extruder Machine
  • Cooling-down Unit
  • Conveyor Unit
  • 5-layers Tunnel Oven
  • 5 -meters Cooling Machine
  • 5-meters Cooling Conveyor

Specifications of Textured Soy Protein Making Machine:

Model SV52-II
Installed Powder(kw) 90
Power consumption(kw) 68
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 100-150
Dimensions(mm) 27800*2800*2700
Product Textured Soy Protein