Project Description

Overview of 2D &3D Pellet Snack Maker Machine:
The 2D &3D Pellet Snack Maker Machine is designed to produce 2D & 3D pellet snack foodstuffs . It is extensively used in foodstuff plants, Snack food retail stores and bakery retail outlets.

Characteristics of 2D &3D Pellet Snack Maker Machine:
1.Take grain powder, maize powder, cassava starch,potato powder, sweet potato flour as main ingredients.
2.After dehydrating, cooking and flavoring, can produce different snack foodstuffs with amazing flavor and a variety of styles.
3.The accurate management of manufacturing makes higher quality snack foodstuffs.

Structure 2D &3D Pellet Snack Maker Machine:
Powder mixing machine
Screw elevator
Food extruder machine
Style presssing machine
Shaping machine
5-layor tunnel oven
Continues Frying machine
Deoil device
Seasoning unit
Specifications of 2D &3D Pellet Snack Maker Machine:

Model SLV100
Installed Powder(kw) 65
Power consumption(kw) 49
Output Capacity(kg/hour) 80-120
Dimensions(mm) 26400*4000*3000
Product 2D or 3D pellet snack foodstuff